Integrating Christian Faith Internship

Priority Deadline 

The Integrating Christian Faith Internship (ICF) is a leadership development and faith formation initiative for students interested in deepening their Christian reflection with regards to their vocational calling (field of study) and understanding of the Christian worldview.  ICF interns will experience opportunities to explore faith-based leadership in a campus setting by helping to build relationships, foster hospitable spaces for dialogue and creatively use unique passions to explore the intersections of faith and learning. 


Some of the things we look for in interns are:

  • Passion for building communities where everyone belongs and for drawing others into spaces where people can explore Christian Faith.

  • Interest in reflecting deeply and wanting to grow in their understanding of faith, vocation and life.

  • A desire to be part of a team that values faith, collaboration, diversity and dialogue.

  • Displays a high level of personal initiative and responsibility.

  • Interest in contributing to the life of the university through faith initiatives.

The ICF internship is based on developing four pillars of growth: Biblical Literacy, Spiritual Disciplines, Vocational Calling & Community Service.  Working with our campus chaplain, students will be a part of a learning team while experiencing individual growth plans based on interests and needs.  Each intern will receive a $1,000 honorarium for participation in the one-year internship and will be expected to commit to 2 hours a week (average) to leadership activities and weekly or bi-weekly meetings with our campus chaplain depending on schedule and learning plan.

Internship responsibilities could include:


  1. Feast & Faith Intern – Helps coordinate a weekly Tuesday night meal where students gather for food and guest speakers.  This intern communicates and coordinates with supper makers, sets up the lounge and kitchen before we begin (Cannot have class from 4-7 on Tuesdays), coordinates clean up and writes thank-you notes to supper makers and guest speakers.  This intern will meet with the Chaplain to discuss hospitality of the spaces we work in.

  2. Worship/Prayer Intern – Helps with coordinate a monthly or bi-weekly gathering where students will gather together for word/communion/song or Prayer.  This intern will meet and discuss and plan each gathering with the chaplain.  Musical abilities are an asset, but not a must.

  3. Justice & Mercy Intern – Takes the lead in organizing participation in service/learning events and/or opportunities to engage students in acts/deeds of justice participation.  Whether it’s garbage pick-up, making muffins for St. Joes Supper Table, handing out free hot chocolate on cold days, or working with organizations like Citizens for Public Justice, the Centre for Public Dialogue, Cardus, A Rocha, etc. to promote Christian care and good citizenship, this intern will work with the chaplain to engage hands, feet, mind and soul.

  4. Fellowship & Communication Intern – Takes the lead in running the OCRCC facebook events and communications.  They will also help in organizing 2-3 fellowship activities a semester.  Events will be planned in discussion with other interns and the Chaplain and will consider the busyness of a semester and schedules of interns. 

  5. Campus Inklings Intern – Takes the lead in organizing a weekly pub gathering where, based on the spirit of the original Inklings of Oxford (JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Charles Williams & Friends) students gather together for conversations related to the Inklings or to explore or share matters that arise from the work and study that students are involved in.  This intern would work with the chaplain to decide what these gathering could look like based on group interest.


Interns will receive an honorarium of $500 per semester ($1000 total) for their acceptance into and successful participation in this program.  We encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.  Applications received by March 8th will be given priority.  Selected students will be notified by March 29th. If chosen, OCRCC interns will be expected to be in Ottawa by Friday August 30, 2019 (Friday before the Labour Day weekend) for a day of orientation and 101 week organization.


Application Process


Please submit a letter of application and CV or resume to Sid Ypma, OCRCC Chaplain,, with the following information and addressing the following information & questions:



Mailing Address:   




Year of study:




  1. Why are you applying and what do you hope to get out of this experience?


  1. What are your future academic or vocational plans?


  1. Are there particular areas of spiritual growth that you would like to explore?


  1. What would be the order of your top 3 area of intern responsibility preferences and explain why you ordered them in the way you did?


The OCRCC creates hospitable spaces for students, faculty and staff

to explore Christian faith and to practice justice and mercy in God’s world.


What level of commitment can you make to this program?  What other commitments do you have besides your studies?

Vandergrift Grant for Scholarship & Faith

Priority Deadline - March 2021

The Vandergrift Grant for Scholarship and Faith is an annual $2000 award granted by the Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy to a returning student (or team of students) of the University of Ottawa or Carleton University who desires to create an avenue of Christian reflection within the university.  The grant honours the work of Dr. Laurens (Larry) Vandergrift, a former professor at the University of Ottawa who was instrumental in the development of the OCRCC and served as its first board chair.

The goal of the grant is to encourage creative endeavours that foster opportunities for reflection and dialogue.  The opportunity that will not only allow the recipient to grow in their understanding of how their faith interacts with their studies (or particular field of study) but also encourages others in the university and/or their department to join them in curious inquiry of scholarship and faith.

Previous Grant winners were:

  • 2016 - Radamis (Rado) Zaky – Graduate Student in Feminist and Gender Studies – Rado wanted to explore the topic of feminism and Christianity.  Within his department he organized two panel presentations with guest speakers and worked with our Chaplain to have a clergy panel and campus event where topics of Christianity, gender and feminism were discussed.

  • 2017 – Angela Richmond – Art student – Angela organized an exhibition in her department on the subject of light in darkness along with a couple of other Christian friends.  She also organized paint nights where any uOttawa student could come and artistically express themselves and consider how art informs faith.

  • 2018 – Corey Chalupka – History Student – Corey put together a plan to initiate a Campus Inklings group.  Corey has organized a weekly pub gathering where topics related to the Inklings of Oxford (JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Charles Williams and friends) were discussed.  He also organized movie nights related to the Inklings as opportunities for fellowship and Christian friendship.

Applicants must submit an application form (below) and a CV or resume.  The application is meant to guide your vision and help you consider the possibilities of engagement, but proposals may go beyond the scope of outlined questions and we welcome your creativity.  The grant money is an investment in the time you put into your ideas, whether you choose to allocate some of these funds towards your project is up to you.  However, if the proposal is in line with the vision and goals of the OCRCC it may also be that further programming financing may be allocated to the proposal and you are encouraged to propose how funding might enhance your ideas.

To be eligible for the 2019-2020 grant, a student must have completed at least one year of studies and continue to be enrolled at the University of Ottawa or Carleton University (undergraduate or graduate studies).  Students must be willing to serve under the mentorship of the OCRCC Campus Chaplain who will hold them accountable to their goals.  The successful recipient will also be expected to write a 500-1000 word reflection at the end of the year that evaluates their learning and the experience of executing a vision.

All proposals should also include a CV or resume and priority given to submissions made no later than midnight, March 15, 2019.  Proposals can be submitted to Chaplain Sid Ypma at  Depending on the number and quality of proposals, you may be asked to have an interview with the evaluation team.