Feast & Faith

On Tuesday evenings we host a FREE home cooked meal  and discussion gathering called “Feast and Faith.”  We invite professors and professionals to come in and share a bit about their work or their story and how faith impacts what they do and how they do it.  As citizens in God's world, we want to ponder how Christianity integrates with all areas of life.


When: Tuesday Evenings

          Doors open 5:00pm

          Supper at 5:30pm

          Speaker at 6:00pm


Where: We meet at St. Joseph Church - Oblate Lounge  

           Corner of Laurier & Cumberland

           (Use Cumberland Entrance)


Who: All are welcome



January 7, 2020 -After My Dad Died: What I learned and what I'm Learning about Life, Love and Loss - Through a series of stories, Chaplain Sid Ypma will reflect on the last year of life he shared with his dad and the year that followed as a lens for thinking about life on a university campus.  


January 14 - Albertos Polizogopoulos - Religious Freedom and the Canadian Law - Albertos Polizogopoulos is a partner with a full-service firm in Ottawa, Ontario. He practices primarily in the areas of constitutional, commercial, and civil litigation. An advocate, Mr. Polizogopoulos has appeared before various administrative tribunals and courts including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court of Ontario, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, the Tax Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada. A number of Mr. Polizogopoulos's high-profile cases have received widespread media coverage in publications throughout Canada and the United States. He is often invited to comment or speak on constitutional and human rights law matters.


January 17-19 - WINTER RETREAT!!!!! - Skiing, Snowshoeing, and the Sermon on the Mount - Click HERE for details


January 21 - Panel Night - “Prayer: What is it, how does it work?”  We want to explore what the ways that people understand prayer in the Christian life.  Prayer is such a fundamental practice of the Christian church and yet it seems that Christian traditions have different expectations with regards to what a prayer life should include or be. 3 Clergy 3 Traditions


January 28 - Why Children's Literature Matters in the Kingdom of God - Emily Martin - uOttawa Part-Time Literature Professor, Part Time Faculty at Augustine College and Elementary School Teacher.


February 4 - Muslim - Christian Student Dialogue - Members of the Muslim Student Association will be joining us for supper and an opportunity to ask each other questions about what we believe.



Some Former Guests Include:


  • Garnett Genuis - MP in Canadian House of Commons

  • Dr. Richard Herd - Retired Curator National Meteorological Collection

  • Mike Hogeterp - Director of the Centre for Public Dialogue

  • Dr. Elizabeth Kristjansson - uOttawa Psychology Department

  • Dr. Paul Heintzman - uOttawa Liesure Studies

  • Dr. Kirsten Jeffrey-Johnson - Author, Literature Studies

  • Dr. John Patrick - President Augustine College

  • Dr. Graeme Hunter - uOttawa Philosophy Department

  • Dr. Dominic Mangeniello - uOttawa Literature Studies

  • Meagan Monafu - Theatre Artist

  • Joe Gunn - Citizens for Public Justice

  • Dr. Bill Kamphuis - emeritus professor of Civil Engineering - Queens

  • Dr. Paul Robinson - uOtawa Centre for International Affairs

  • Ash & Bloom - Musical Duo

  • Dr. Larry Vandergrift - emeritus professor of uOttawa Language Institute

  • Dr. Fred Lacroix - uOttawa Music Department

  • Ed Jager - Lawyer - Current Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia

  • Rev. Mark Whitall - Physicist/Pastor - Faith & Science

  • Dr. Christopher Lan - uOttawa Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Tom Sherwood - emeritus Sociology Professor - Carleton University

  • Dr. Jonathan Patrick - uOttawa Business (Telfer)

  • Professor Marlene Toews-Janzen - Institute for Bilingualism

  • Ian Shugart - Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development

  • Dr. Jonathan Malloy - Carleton Professor of Political Science

  • Dr. Scott Kindred-Barnes - Baptist Minister - Former History Professor

  • Dr. John Sumarah - emeritus Psychology Pofessor Acadia University

  • Dr. Boguslaw Kruzcek - uOttawa Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Jim Rusthoven - Oncologist and lecturer in Bio-Medical Ethics

  • Ray Pennings - Director of Cardus - A Christian Think Tank

  • Dr. Brian Butcher - St. Paul's University Professor

  • Bernadette Arthur - Race Relations Coordinator for the CRC

  • Kirsten Appleyard - Curator at Canadian National Art Gallery

  • Bill Janzen - Former Director of Canadian Mennonite Central Relief Comm.

  • Dr. Mary Stewart-Vanleeuwan - Emeritus Professor  Eastern University

  • Dr. Patricia Kmiec - uOttawa History and Gender Studies

  • Dr. Alan Riding - uOttawa Business (Telfer)

  • Dr. Andrew Bennett - Director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute