Feast & Faith

On Tuesday evenings we host a FREE home cooked meal  and discussion gathering called “Feast and Faith.”  We invite professors and professionals to come in and share a bit about their work or their story and how faith impacts what they do and how they do it.  As citizens in God's world, we want to ponder how Christianity integrates with all areas of life.


When: Tuesday Evenings

          Doors open 5:00pm

          Supper at 5:30pm

          Speaker at 6:00pm


Where: We meet at St. Joseph Church - Oblate Lounge  

           Corner of Laurier & Cumberland

           (Use Cumberland Entrance)


Who: All are welcome




Tuesday September 24 - 5:30pm - Dr. Mark Scott - Thorneloe University. Fireside Conversation about CS Lewis - Dr. Scott will be our Guest for this years Campus Inklings Lectures. He will give a Tuesday evening talk on campus about the Importance of the Inklings. On Monday the 23rd he will join us for an event at the Royal Oak Pub.



Tuesday October 1 - 5:30pm - Derrek Konrad - Former Member of Parliament of Canada - Fireside Conversation about Faith & Politics in the Canadian landscape

Tuesday October 8 - 5:30pm - CPR Clergy Panel - Church and Politics, how should the church engage with the political structures of a nation? Panelists TBD -


Please Note that at 7pm on Oct. 8th - Citizens for Public Justice, a Christian Justice Advocacy organization will also be offering an election primer at St. Joes. Students can speak with ministers about politics from a Biblical stand point and then reflect move to another part of the building to consider issues at play in the fall election that CPJ will highlight

Tuesday - October 22 - Dr. Jonathan Patrick - Telfer School of Management - "How Hiring Quotas are a Poor Way to Promote Equity" - In an age where the public mantra of “equity, diversity and inclusivity” is loudly proclaimed, what is a faith filled way to consider this subject?


Tuesday - October 29 - Dr. Jesse Smith - “Christian Hospitality – Should we let the pros handle it?”- It’s obvious that hospitality is a crucial virtue in the life of the Church. Welcoming the stranger, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless. But when we look for models of hospitality, the default is always the home or family. But what if Grandma is actually a bad cook? What if we feel the same as Benjamin Franklin who quipped “Houseguests, like fish, begin to smell after three days? Tonight we will have a chance to consider what Christians can learn from Hospitality and Tourism industries; whether hotels, restaurants, or tour companies.

Tuesday - November 5 - Dr. Paul Heintzman - uOttawa Kiniseology Professor "How Should Christians Practice Good Liesure" - In age where leisure is a primary preoccupation of our society, what are some principles of liesure that people of faith should consider?

Tuesday - November 12 - Paul Kronberg - The History of Science - Christianity is often pitted against science in the public sphere. But in the history of science, the church has often been at the forefront of discovery. What are some key things we should know about the history of science. Paul Kronberg is a high school math, science and computer science teacher. He also teaches at Augustine College.

Tuesday November 19 - Clergy Panel - “Creation & Science: How do I look at the early chapters of Genesis?”  There is constant dialogue about the intersection of Christianity and Science.  Accusations can be lobbied from both the church or the academy and sometimes both present good arguments and sometimes both present arguments filled with false assumptions.  But are we equipping students to dialogue about this subject with a sense of wonder and awe when reading either the book of scripture or the book of nature?  How do the different traditions handle this conversation and bring the early chapters of Genesis into this dialogue?

Tuesday November 26 - Dr. Boguslaw Kruczek - uOttawa Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering - Faith Lessons from the Labratory - Dr. Kruczek will share his experience of what scienceand engineering research has taught him about faith.



Some Former Guests Include:


  • Garnett Genuis - MP in Canadian House of Commons

  • Dr. Richard Herd - Retired Curator National Meteorological Collection

  • Mike Hogeterp - Director of the Centre for Public Dialogue

  • Dr. Elizabeth Kristjansson - uOttawa Psychology Department

  • Dr. Paul Heintzman - uOttawa Liesure Studies

  • Dr. Kirsten Jeffrey-Johnson - Author, Literature Studies

  • Dr. John Patrick - President Augustine College

  • Dr. Graeme Hunter - uOttawa Philosophy Department

  • Dr. Dominic Mangeniello - uOttawa Literature Studies

  • Meagan Monafu - Theatre Artist

  • Joe Gunn - Citizens for Public Justice

  • Dr. Bill Kamphuis - emeritus professor of Civil Engineering - Queens

  • Dr. Paul Robinson - uOtawa Centre for International Affairs

  • Ash & Bloom - Musical Duo

  • Dr. Larry Vandergrift - emeritus professor of uOttawa Language Institute

  • Dr. Fred Lacroix - uOttawa Music Department

  • Ed Jager - Lawyer - Current Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia

  • Rev. Mark Whitall - Physicist/Pastor - Faith & Science

  • Dr. Christopher Lan - uOttawa Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Tom Sherwood - emeritus Sociology Professor - Carleton University

  • Dr. Jonathan Patrick - uOttawa Business (Telfer)

  • Professor Marlene Toews-Janzen - Institute for Bilingualism

  • Ian Shugart - Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development

  • Dr. Jonathan Malloy - Carleton Professor of Political Science

  • Dr. Scott Kindred-Barnes - Baptist Minister - Former History Professor

  • Dr. John Sumarah - emeritus Psychology Pofessor Acadia University

  • Dr. Boguslaw Kruzcek - uOttawa Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Jim Rusthoven - Oncologist and lecturer in Bio-Medical Ethics

  • Ray Pennings - Director of Cardus - A Christian Think Tank

  • Dr. Brian Butcher - St. Paul's University Professor

  • Bernadette Arthur - Race Relations Coordinator for the CRC

  • Kirsten Appleyard - Curator at Canadian National Art Gallery

  • Bill Janzen - Former Director of Canadian Mennonite Central Relief Comm.

  • Dr. Mary Stewart-Vanleeuwan - Emeritus Professor  Eastern University

  • Dr. Patricia Kmiec - uOttawa History and Gender Studies

  • Dr. Alan Riding - uOttawa Business (Telfer)

  • Dr. Andrew Bennett - Director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute