Integrating Christian Faith Internship & Leadership Opportunities


Applications for Internships and Leadership Opportunities are now open for 2021-2022.


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Priority Deadline - March 31

The Integrating Christian Faith Internships and Leadership Opportunities are ways of developing your leadership skills, deepening your understanding of a Christ and investing in the mission of Christ on campus in Ottawa.


Some of the things we look for in interns and leaders are:

  • Passion for building communities where everyone belongs and for drawing others into spaces where people can explore Christian Faith.

  • Interest in reflecting deeply and wanting to grow in their understanding of faith, vocation and life.

  • A desire to be part of a team that values faith, collaboration, diversity and dialogue.

  • Displays a high level of personal initiative and responsibility.

  • Interest in contributing to the life of the university through faith initiatives.


Internships and Leadership development is based on four pillars of growth: Biblical Literacy, Spiritual Disciplines, Vocational Calling & Community Service. Working with our campus chaplain, students will be a part of a learning team while experiencing individual growth plans based on interests and needs. 


Internships will be opportunities to explore faith-based leadership in a campus setting by taking on particular responsibilities that help create hospitality and dialogue within the OCRCC. Roles include Feast & Faith Supper coordinator, Communication coordinator, Campus Inklings coordinator or Justice Coordinator, Prayer/Worship Coordinator. Internships include a minimum $500 financial stipend per semester for students as they learn and serve. Depending on an intern’s willingness to serve, the stipend may increase depending upon responsibilities that an intern takes on. Specific role descriptions are found below.


Small Group & Biblical Reflection Leaders

Additional leadership opportunities are also available based on a willingness to lead a small group or Bible study while being mentored by a campus chaplain/minister. These groups may take on different forms based on needs, time and student’s gifting. Stipends may also be available for this leadership of $250 - $1,000 depending on time and investment that a student is able to give.


We encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible. Applications received by March 31th will be given priority. Selected students will be notified by April 10th. All interns and leaders will be expected to be in Ottawa by September 3, 2021 (Friday before the Labour Day weekend) for a day of orientation and 101 week organization.


Application Process


Please apply online by filling out the application from on link above. You are also asked to electronically submit a CV or resume to Sid Ypma, OCRCC Chaplain ( The following information and questions will be asked in the online application.



Mailing Address:  




Year of study:


  1. Why are you applying and what do you hope to get out of this experience?


  2. What are your future academic or vocational plans?


  3. Are there particular areas of spiritual growth that you would like to explore?

  4. Is there an area of internship or leadership that interests you the most (Feast & Faith Coordination, Small Group/Biblical Reflection, Justice/Outreach,         

      Prayer/Worship, Communication, Campus Inklings)? Why does it interest you and if you could help lead students in any of these areas, what would you            love to see happen?


​  5. What level of commitment can you make to this program?  What other commitments do you have besides your studies?


Worship & Prayer

Justice & Mercy

Feast & Faith

Campus Inkling