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How Do We Let the Sacred Text Speak on Campuses Today?

CRCMA Conference 2020 - Queens University Kingston, ON

The Bible is the central Sacred Text of Christianity. It has shaped the church throughout the centuries and God has spoken through these words from generation to generation. Yet we know that the same words that unite the Christian church are also the words that can cause division as we read and interpret the text. In the internet age, students, staff and faculty are bombarded with messages about Christianity and about what the Bible does and does not say.


How then do campus ministers and chaplains be good stewards of our Sacred Text on our campuses today?

How can the ancient Text breathe life into the conversations we have?

How can we be hospitable stewards of 'God's words' in an age of skepticism?

Join us at this years Christian Reformed Campus Ministers Association (CRCMA) Conference for a robust and imaginative conversation about being faithful stewards of the text.