The OCRCC creates hospitable spaces for students, faculty and staff

to explore Christian faith and to practice justice and mercy in God’s world.  


In order to achieve this vision, we invest in the campus and its chaplaincy and invite everyone to participate in experiences of Christian practice and learning. 


We seek to live out this vision by creating opportunities for intellectual engagement, pastoral care, communal gatherings, and community service.  


Our hope is that those who experience life with the OCRCC will gain a greater vision of the kingdom of God and see that all of us are valuable contributors to something much bigger than ourselves.

While we are a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and that shapes our understanding of faith and life, the campus ministry is a community of people made up of a diversity of people from different backgrounds and theological traditions. 

If you wish to understand some of what shapes our understanding of Christian faith life, the document Our World Belongs to God is an accessible summary of what we believe about God, scripture and how it shapes our vision of campus ministry. The document addresses issues such as secularism, individualism, and relativism. These issues were seen as "unique challenges of faith presented by the times in which we live." 


You can read a full version of the Testimony by clicking HERE