Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy


A University community of

Christian faith formation,

scholarship, and imagination.


We're Meeting in Person and Virtually

Each week, we're still meeting for our weekly Feast & Faith Gathering (even providing meals on wheels to our 'households'), Bible study and Volunteer activities. Many of these gatherings are virtual, but where appropriate (volunteering), students are still receiving social interaction. 


Follow the link below to Get Connected to

Community and Faith Formation Opportunities 


An Update For Our



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The best way to stay up to date with what's going on is to connect with our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Events, Leadership Profiles, and Opportunities for Bible Study, Vocational Reflection, Biblical Study Courses, will be posted regularly.

What's Going on in 2020-2021?

     * Feast & Faith

     * Small Groups

     * Campus Inklings

     * Events (Virtual and In-Person)


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